Calgary city council approves plan to explore ways to reduce single-use plastic items

The City of Calgary has taken a step towards potentially eliminating single-use plastic items including cutlery, grocery bags, and take-out containers.

“This is just one step in a whole environmental strategy that is absolutely necessary,” said Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell during Wednesday’s council session. “‘Doing nothing costs nothing’ is an incredible myth. What it means is we’re pushing the responsibility on to the next generation because this stuff just doesn’t go away.”

The City will spend approximately $250,000 in the next year to develop a plan that could potentially increase the price of single-use plastic items for consumers and/or retailers or result in a complete ban of the items.

At Boogie’s Burgers on Edmonton Trail, the decades-only restaurant is now serving its offerings in reusable dishes.

“It adds an extra step to the process because we do have to wash the dishes then but we’re taking it out of the landfills which is our main goal,” explained Amanda McNulty. “It seems like a lot of our customers have really just grasped it and understand it.”