The Problem

Plastics are the THREAT we never imagined

Plastic has revolutionized the way we live. From protecting our food, to making products and services more convenient and affordable, plastics have made our lives better in so many ways.

But this innovation has come at a steep cost. We are only now beginning to understand the impacts plastics are having on human and environmental health.

In Canada alone, millions of tonnes of plastic products and packaging are created every year; most of it is discarded, overwhelming our landfills or worse, tossed aside as litter. As plastics break down over time, microscopic particles make their way into our soil and water, where they are ingested by animals. As they travel up the food chain, microplastics become concentrated, risking the health and wellbeing of entire ecosystems — including you and me.

Now that we understand the risks, it’s time to rethink plastics.

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The Program

Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics™

Solving the plastics challenge will take countless changes: some as subtle as a shift in attitude; some as large as reimagining the way our favourite products and services are designed and delivered.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight. It will take thousands of changes to the way we make things, the things we buy, and how we live. It will take 10,000 Changes.

10,000 Changes was created to drive meaningful reductions in the plastic that’s produced, used, and discarded by Canadians. A challenge this expansive and complex demands innovation throughout the Canadian economy – from petroleum to packaging, farming to food service. Everyone is part of the problem, so everyone will have to be part of the solution.

This movement will require the efforts of millions of Canadians, governments, and companies across the country. Together, we can refuse single-use and other avoidable plastics, replace the use of plastic with alternatives, and completely reimagine products and services for the future.

In the coming months and years, 10,000 Changes will launch a number of public engagement initiatives to help Canadian households make better choices about the things they buy and use, help businesses reduce their dependancy on plastics, and help governments lower their plastics footprint.

To learn how to get started, follow us on social media and stay tuned for more information on our upcoming public engagement and learning programs.

Rethink supply. Rethink demand. Rethink disposal.

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The Partners

Leading the movement

Canadian Geographic and the Recycling Council of Ontario have come together to create 10,000 Changes, with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

10,000 Changes is a national program to inform and motivate Canadians to take action, and to work with businesses to celebrate innovation and reduce their dependancy on plastics.

Canadian businesses

10,000 Changes was founded on the idea that it will take hard work and innovation up and down the supply chain to offer products and services that are more sustainable. We must re-evaluate the use of the material wherever it’s used, and countless systemic changes will have to be implemented over the coming decades.

Businesses can start to shift the composition of their products and packaging today, and must ultimately reimagine a large number of their products and services, processes and business models.

Contact us today to learn how your company can become a 10,000 Changes partner.

Canadian educators

Young Canadians will drive this evolution. To help spark and shape this movement among Canada’s youth, 10,000 Changes will be offering a national learning program designed by Canadian Geographic Education to help teachers introduce their students to this important topic.

Our interactive classroom challenge will help students learn about the environmental impacts of plastics, take action, and become champions of change.

Contact us today and we’ll notify you when the education program launches this fall.

Canadian governments

Canadian governments of all sizes play a critical role reshaping markets through public policy and their own enormous purchasing power. They can inspire and invest in innovation, and set goals that focus private sector efforts.

10,000 Changes is here to help governments reduce plastic waste and make a difference to the people and communities they serve.

Contact us today to learn how we can accelerate and support your plastics efforts.

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If we’re going to be good ancestors to future generations, it’s incumbent on us to solve the plastics problem. This will be a group effort, and everyone can play an important role.

We’re looking for passionate partners to become champions of change. Follow us on social media, and sign up to stay in touch as we roll out a range of initiatives for Canadian households, businesses, and educators.

Learn more about the 10,000 Changes movement and stay informed.

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