Canada's Commitment to Rethink Plastics

Changes made nation wide


One change at a time

It will take thousands of changes to create meaningful reductions in the plastic that is harming our environment and threatening our health. One by one, we can all make small changes that, together, will have a lasting impact.

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The true cost

Plastics have revolutionized the way we live, but plastic pollution has become one of the most pervasive environmental issues of our time. We are only now beginning to understand the full impact our dependence on plastic has on human and environmental health. It is time to rethink plastic and create impactful change that will lead us towards a zero-plastic-waste future.

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Be the change

Canada is the world’s largest per capita producer of waste. To create a meaningful impact, we need consumers, businesses, educators, and governments to make a commitment to change. 10,000 Changes™ Partners are working to make this change happen across the country.

Rethink Plastics

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