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Solving the problem of plastics demands innovation throughout the Canadian economy, from petroleum to packaging, farming to food service. A challenge this expansive and complex will ultimately require a holistic approach, and a shared effort between manufacturers, retailers, governments, and consumers. Working together, we can begin to rethink our relationship with plastics.

Canadian businesses

10,000 Changes was founded on the idea that it will take hard work and innovation up and down the supply chain to offer products and services that are more sustainable. This will mean changing the way companies design and manufacture goods, improving procurement, and reimagining processes.

We’re looking for responsible Canadian businesses to join us as champions of change.

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Canadian governments

Governments of all sizes play a critical role reshaping markets through public policy and their own enormous purchasing power. They can inspire and invest in innovation, and set goals that focus private sector efforts.

We’re here to help governments reduce plastic waste in the communities they serve.

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Founding Partners

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10,000 Changes wants to partner with Canadian companies, corporations and organizations who share the same vision of creating a brighter, cleaner future for all Canadians. Contact us today to learn how you can become a partner of change.

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