Canada's Commitment to Rethink Plastics

Changes made nation wide


It's time to make a change

Eliminating plastic waste will require the collective effort of all Canadians. It will take changes to what we buy, how things are made, and how we choose to live. Most importantly, it will take a commitment from each and every one of us.

Make a change

The problem with plastic

Plastic has revolutionized the way we live, but this amazing innovation has come at a cost. Today, Canadians recycle just 9 per cent of the more than 3.2 million tonnes of plastic waste we produce each year. The rest ends up in our landfills or tossed aside in our streets, parks and waterways.

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Reduce your plastic footprint

As the world’s largest per-capita producer of waste, Canada is adding to the world’s plastic problem at an increasingly fast rate. From the consumer products that make our lives easier to the packages they come in, we must start rethinking plastics. After all, low- and no-plastic options can be better for both the environment and our economy!

Rethink Plastics

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