Rethinking Plastics

It's time to make a change

Today, plastic is all around us. So much so, that our modern standard of living has come to depend on it. Unfortunately, we’re also producing and disposing of so much plastic that it’s wreaking havoc on our environment.

Solving the plastic problem will take 10,000 Changes

There is no single solution to solve the problem of plastic waste. What we require is a paradigm shift: a complete re-evaluation of how we use this material across its incredibly long lifecycle. This includes rethinking how products are made, rethinking what we buy, and rethinking how we dispose of plastic.

Of course, a shift of this magnitude won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight. It will take each of us committing to make changes. Some of these changes, like reducing plastic shopping bags and drinking straws are already underway. Others will require large-scale innovation by businesses.

Many solutions will be required, including innovations in chemistry and business models to turn waste-streams into feedstocks. A number of far-reaching systemic changes must be implemented over the coming decades. For Canadian businesses across a wide range of sectors (retail, food services, grocery, consumer products, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and more), this will mean improving, re-engineering, or completely reimagining their products, services and processes.

Commit to change and be part of the solution

Learn about the changes you can make in all areas of your life by visiting the Solutions & Alternatives page. Then join Canadians everywhere in committing to make simple changes such as forfeiting to-go cups in favour of a refillable coffee mug, packing plastic-free lunches, or buying bulk foods.

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