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For Educators

The following learning modules provide an opportunity for educators to explore key themes and concepts connected with plastic use and how to eliminate plastic in our daily lives. Each module contains an infographic, video and lesson plan designed to dive deeper into a plastic issue and move towards taking action.

Lesson Description

Students will learn about the seven types of plastic, examine the types of plastics they use in their classroom or at home and conduct an audit, and assess the different types of plastic they use and make a plan to reduce their plastic use.

Topics: Geography / Social Studies
Grade Level: K-12 (can be adapted for all grade levels)
Lesson Time: 60 minutes (can be adapted for longer or shorter periods)
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Learn how you can have an impact and contribute to the future of our planet through making small changes to every day activities.

Upcoming Themes

The following learning packages will be released monthly:

Oct, 2019
Learning Package 1
Hidden Plastic
Nov, 2019
Learning Package 2
Plastic We Eat
Dec, 2019
Learning Package 3
Disposable Culture
Jan, 2020
Learning Package 4
Ocean Microplastics
Feb, 2020
Learning Package 5
BioCollection Technology for Recycling Plastic
Mar, 2020
Learning Package 6
Circular Economy