At Work

Workplace decisions can make a big difference

Most Canadians spend 35 to 40 hours at work each week. This means our workplaces are a critical part of reducing plastic waste.

From ditching disposables to encouraging plastic-free lunches, workplace initiatives can have a huge impact on our lives and our environment.

Get Started

  • Swap disposable water bottles in the cooler for filtered tap water
  • Switch to reusable dishware, glasses, mugs and utensils
  • Swap single-use coffee pods for fresh-brewed pots (bonus points for brewing coffee for your coworkers)
  • Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea (did you know that most tea bags are made from up to 30 per cent heat-resistant polypropylene plastic?)
  • Use a sugar bowl or sugar cubes instead of individual packets
  • Use spoons instead of stir sticks
  • Use cartons of coffee cream and glass milk bottles instead of individual plastic creamers which can’t be recycled
  • Recycle empty toner cartridges from printers and copiers (ask your manufacturer where to send them)